For Advocacy Groups

Rare Patient Voice partners with patient and disease advocacy groups to increase donations. We understand that advocacy groups need to keep the interests of its members at the forefront. That means:

  • Members’ privacy must be maintained.
  • Members should be given the opportunity to voice their opinions.
  • Members deserve to be exposed to opportunities that can benefit both their community as well as themselves.

Rare Patient Voice partners with advocacy groups in several ways:

  • You can invite patients and caregivers via email, your newsletter, or other means to contact us; if they decide to sign up, they each receive a $5 gift card and your organization receives a donation of $5 per patient.
  • Rare Patient Voice can sponsor one of your groups events and invite members to sign up as we exhibit at the event.
  • We can do a free online survey of your members and provide you with the analyzed results.

RPV will never ask an organization for members names or contact information. Organizations can provide members with our information, so that members can contact us about joining voluntarily only if they are interested. RPV respects the privacy policies of all organizations with which we partner.